Horror Pin & Sticker Art!


Speaking of new horror art! I’ve made a ton of new stuff to turn into enamel pins and stickers! And I am happy and excited to share the first one, done and on the way.


I’m well on my way to accomplishing my ‘something new every year’ mandate! Nothing like a pandemic to free up all of ones time, in which to do it!


So I went to work creating fun and horror inspired images that delights the weird kid in me that loves horror but is still very much a child. 

There are lots of moments in horror movies that give me joy and moments that don’t exist in certain movies that I love but wish did exist and so, I will make the moments I wish existed in homage to the films I love! 


Started with this little doodle...



And ended up with this excellent pin!!



I haven’t been this proud in a while! I’m very excited to say the least. Stay tuned for so much more and considered signing up to my list to stay up to date! This pin as well as others, will soon be available for sale on my site. Thanks horror fam!!