Macabre...ish Art Blog: Drawing Returns


I’m making sticker variants of some pins, though many stickers may just be stand alones. Originally, I noticed other people making stickers but then when I received mine, I loved them!!


They put me in the mind of my first sticker collection, my binders of Garbage Pail Kids, that I still have, by the way, and how much joy I got from buying those foil packs with the stick of gum inside, excited to cop a new card to add to my collection. Oh and sometimes that card would be an illusive holographic card or a magnet!!



Still got’em!!  


The nostalgia alone is enough to inspire me to continue making more stickers. Magnets too for that matter.


I’m also going to making patches that compliment some of the pins. These images tend toward more violence and gore and I do not lend themselves to becoming pins, but patches, absolutely! I finally have something I can do with my random, horror inspired art. And it’s lit the flame of drawing again in me, that I thought burned out long ago.

This has been quite a quarantine.