New Art & Quarantine


I’m really focusing my Corona quarantine time on art, mostly new stuff that I always thought would be fun never had the time to do it. Now that I have no excuse, I’m going for it!


It feels nice and new, exciting! It’s a strange thing to allow yourself to just do what you want, especially when the voices in our heads give us ever reason in the world not too. And they all sound a lot like people who either are or used to be in my life. Constantly there to make sure I live their version of my life.


I understand all the whys and wherefores about that but funny thing about life. We can only truly know, if we live the experience for ourselves and oddly enough, my experience my net a completely different result than your experience. Being different people with different lives.


Still, a part of me feels like I’m doing something wrong and stupid. And I’ve decided, that’s all the reason I need to do it. It’s just fear wearing a different outfit. I’ve decided I’m not leaving this life with regrets or things left undone. No matter how small and inconsequential.


I shouldn’t feel this way about trying new things. I shouldn’t feel this way about drawing a picture. And because that’s too big of a feeling for such a little thing. I’m doing it. I’m not spending this quarantine living in fear of something so small.


And as I sketch and draw and color, that big, heavy weight lifts. There’s no heavier weight than carrying around other people’s fear.

So, so far during this quarantine, I have experienced the magic of nightshade truffles and making comics (and horror art, of course) and it’s been a special kind of blast!!


P.S. I found this brilliant chef/chocolatier/alchemist Seamus Black on IG (of course!!) emporiumblack13. Also, this is not a paid promotion in case you wondered.