The Importance of Milestones and Follow Through.


The Importance of Milestones


I do not know about everyone else but for me, the creation of something new, something tangible, that I can hold in my hand, that only weeks before was just a figment of my imagination, is still amazing.


There have been years of self doubt and fear, many of which over lapped with poverty and homelessness but when I create something tangible. I’ve made it! There’s a level of pride and satisfaction that comes with it, that comes from nowhere else.


And afterward, I sit in silence, in observation of that thing and think back to those dark old days. Days that bled into months, when even cleaning up after myself was hard. When even simplicity was an impossibility. When action, effort and follow through were things other people did. Successful, happy people with education and skill. Not people like me.


Then I open my eyes and see what I’ve created and allow myself to be proud. No matter how big or small, just allow myself to be proud of that accomplishment. Because I know I should and have a right to.


Today is the day after Easter, the 13th, during the Corona Quarantine, (where I can been quarantined far away from my own home but that’s another story) and I received a finished product, in the making for a couple of months. It went from the randomest of sketches, in the middle of the night.



To this.



 And to some it might seem ridiculous. But to those of us who grew up poor, homeless, abused and bullied, with all the physical, mental and emotional scars that go with it. Success isn’t meant for us. We’re meant to fail and societally, socially groomed for it. 

So it is vitally important for us to prove it to ourselves, that yes, success if for us too!