Macabre...ish Cult’s, Classics & Horrors Xmas Film Episode



Carlos 0:00
Tales from the Crypt episodes. I mean, like there's the obvious ones that are just classics like the black Christmas and Silent Night deadly night. But then there's other ones like I didn't even realize until recently that like Night Train Murders was a Christmas sort of a Christmas movie. It was like no one's really cool. Yeah.

Chris 0:25
Yep. Gremlins is one of my favorites. That's one of my go twos every year.

Carlos 0:28
Oh. Gremlins isn't even just a Christmas movie. I watch that all year.

Chris 0:33
That's Yeah, that's fair.

Kimberly 0:35
But I make sure to watch during Christmas to just Yes.

Chris 0:39
There's one that came out a couple of years ago called better watch out, which is really good.

Carlos 0:44
Yeah, well, yeah.

Kimberly 0:45

Carlos 0:46
JACK Frost is fun. It's stupid as hell yeah. Fun.

Chris 0:52
Yep. Santa's sleigh with Bill Goldberg. Oh, Krampus.

Carlos 0:56
Santa slays hilarious. Yeah, so bad. But yeah, that that opening scene when he kills the whole family? It's just ridiculous. Yeah, hilarious.

Chris 1:06
It's it's Yeah, it's so over the top.

Carlos 1:08
Crazy. Yeah. Have you seen that, Kim?

Kimberly 1:12

Carlos 1:16
It's the one with the wrestler bill Goldberg.

Kimberly 1:18
Nope. Didn't see it. Now

Chris 1:20
one of the I don't know how many three or four movies he actually made when he was like really popular. And then he kind of faded away to nothing.

Kimberly 1:27
Yeah, I always remember movies was wrestlers. Because when I was a kid, me and my grandmother, we were watching some wrestling now. We knew everybody. I was like, take the snake. Yes, that was. So that has wrestlers. I always remember

Chris 1:42
those are the golden days of the WWF. That's right.

Carlos 1:48
Then you have to you have to watch Santa sleigh like, yeah, that's right up your alley. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, like, the whole premise is basically a Santa is an evil like demon. And he has a bet with God. Like 1000s of years ago. He has a bet with God if, if they have a curling match, and if he can win, he'll be nice. So he went, since our Godwin's match, and then so Santas forced to be nice for like 2000 years or something. And so this the movie takes place on the year where he finally the that's up, sir, being an a$$hole again. So he immediately goes into killing people riding around in his sleigh pulled by an ox.

Chris 2:37
I think it's only like an hour and 20 minutes to it's really short. Yeah,

Kimberly 2:41
I have it in my watch lists. Thank you. I have that'll be one I'll have to find later.

Chris 2:48
I feel like you'll probably be able to find that really cheap.

Kimberly 2:51
Oh, yeah.

Carlos 2:52
Yeah, for sure. Another one was good. A good one for a couple years ago. And on the apocalypse. It's the musical. So if you're not okay with that, then just turn away now, but it's a zombie movie that takes place on Christmas and it's pretty it's pretty fun. It's fun. horror comedy.

Chris 3:13
Yeah. ugly sweater party is a lot of fun.

Carlos 3:15
ugly sweater party.

Chris 3:16
Oh, yeah. It's um, Felicia rose from sleepaway camp the from the first sleepaway camp, she actually produced and is in it. And I started following it on Instagram, because I follow Felicia rose on Instagram. And it's only available through the production. So it I think I was cheapest, only 15 bucks on blu ray, but you can only buy it through the production company. It's really, really super independent. But it is so gory, and it is so ridiculous. on

Carlos 3:49

Chris 3:49
it's like the title is exactly what it is. So it's a bunch of people who go to an abandoned campground to have an ugly sweater party for Christmas. Hey, end up getting killed off one by one because there's this possessed sweater that one of the guests happens to have in the possessed sweater takes him over and he starts just knocking people off like nobody's business. And then there's a giant laser cannon for reasons I can't recall. And a lot of very, not double entendre sexual commentary. It's just it's so ridiculous. It is so it's like I think I laughed all the way through it. It's so ridiculous.

Carlos 4:32
They don't have that on streaming at all or

Chris 4:34
no, it's I think it's I think you can only get it through their website through their site, you'd have to if you follow them on Instagram, it's just that ugly sweater party. If it's on streaming, I think they'll have a link to it on there. Oh, probably But no, I just I broke down and just bought it on blu ray because they advertised it on sale for 15 bucks. I was like 15 bucks. How can I go wrong?

Carlos 4:59
Yeah, Really for Blu Ray? Yeah, I'll take a nice. I'll check that out for sure.

Chris 5:07
Yeah. Yep, definitely worth a look.

Carlos 5:12
Other ones that are kind of Christmas, like P2. I think watch that recently. That was a lot of fun. ATM is sort of Christmas. Another one kind of like b2c. Pretty fun.

Kimberly 5:26
I like those as Christmas movies because that is how a lot of people's Christmases are. They run out for a minute disaster strikes, they miss all of Christmas. And that's like I know people that has been there every single Christmas as they become an adult. They never ever, ever celebrated Christmas because they're always running around or out and about some stuff happens and it's total BS, and they miss the whole Christmas. Here's a whole sort of tale later, but something always happens to them. And that those that's who I think about when I watch this kind of movies.

Carlos 6:00
Hey, at least he has a story to tell.

Kimberly 6:02
It's true. And of course, I say - they made a movie about you. You should watch it with me.

Carlos 6:08
Oh, I was just talking to Jay about one that was maybe one decade ago now. But rare exports. I think it's what is a German movie. Yeah, it's a foreign movie, but it's it's awesome. It's a really good one. And if you get the blu ray, I think it's pretty cheap now. It comes with a bonus movie on it of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Oh, yeah.

Chris 6:31

Carlos 6:33
Oh, actually, I just watched one last night. I seen it before, but it's awesome. Vinegar syndrome. Just put it out. Special Edition. It's called got like six titles. Deadly games. Dial code. Santa Claus.

Kimberly 6:48
Oh, yeah. I just posted about that one.

Carlos 6:53
Oh you watch it?

Kimberly 6:54
Yeah. I watched it last year actually. Like January. I was like, I'll keep it for next year. So yeah.

Carlos 7:02
Yeah, no, it's tons of fun. And I kind of like like, it's probably not the inspiration for home alone because it kind of came around the same time. But it's totally stuck at home alone. Alone.

Kimberly 7:15
For sure. They did they did sue the makers of Home Alone for that. But they

Carlos 7:21
Did they really?

Kimberly 7:22
Oh yeah.

Carlos 7:23
Well, cuz I mean, they came out the same year, right would have had the been in production, same time. And like a big Hollywood blockbuster, like home alone. That takes like a couple years of production, so I can't really see them ripping off some foreign movie.

Kimberly 7:39
Oh, but you know how it is. We talked about it. It got in the ether. See?

Carlos 7:43
Yeah, true.

Kimberly 7:45
Two movie makers are like, I got this great idea. That's what happened.

Carlos 7:51
That's true.

Kimberly 7:52
And they're both good. I mean, really, I was like, This movie is great. This kid is amazing. Are you serious?

Carlos 8:00
Oh, he's so good. Yeah, he's such a badass too in it. And he's so cute.

Kimberly 8:05
Yeah, absolutely. I was so excited about it. And of course, you know, I posted it on Instagram and, like, no response. I was like, Okay, this is a great movie. If y’all don't want to watch this movie. It's totally fine.

Carlos 8:21
You would think more people are talking about it since vinegar syndrome just put it out. And people have such a boner for that company.

Kimberly 8:28
You know what it is though. People only want to talk about what everybody else is talking about. As much as people like to say they like obscure I don't think people like obscure as much as they say they do. Because it's true. You know, but but talk about home alone. Oh my gosh, is my favorite part. Like okay. Yeah,

Carlos 8:51
that's why I'm afraid to talk about like the obvious one sometimes like black Christmas and Silent Night, Deadly Night, because everybody fucking knows about it. So it's like what hasn't been said about this already? Right? Like, what can I add to the conversation? And it's like, I want to I want to talk about things that people might not have heard of. So they can check it out. couple that I watched in the last couple years was all the creatures were stirring. Oh, yeah, an anthology horror movie. And like most anthologies, there's a couple cool ones but a lot of shit.

Kimberly 9:26
I have to mention another anthology with a good Christmas segment in it is a 10/31. I just did a synopsis on that one this year. It's got a great Christmas episode. And a Santa version three one. Yeah.

Carlos 9:43
Oh, you know, you're talking about are you talking about a Christmas or sorry, a Christmas we were talking about that last week. Or last show. That's another end of horror anthology and in for Christmas anthology and it's got Krampus versus Santa.

Kimberly 10:01
Oh yeah, but this is 10/31 it's got a it's Santa versus Satan. Uh huh. Yeah.

Carlos 10:09
I don't remember that. Oh,

Kimberly 10:11
yeah, it's it was oddly really good. Oh yeah.

Carlos 10:19
Oh, gosh darnit now I gotta watch it again.

Chris 10:24
Oh, that's, that's one of the ones I picked from screen team releasing.

Kimberly 10:30

Carlos 10:31
Yeah, I grabbed that from them too. They had they had a sweet slipcover Yeah. version of it.

Chris 10:36
Yeah. Did you get the the autographed version?

Carlos 10:41
No, no. Oh, wait, did I know. And that would have been cool, though. I didn't know that was an option.

Chris 10:48
Yeah, well, maybe they might make it might be sold out because I think when they do their first print of everything, then they do. One that's autographed by like everybody and the other one so you can get the autograph with a slip cover. You can get the regular just with the slip cover. And then you can get one that's just plain. Oh, yeah, I didn't know the autograph ones.

Carlos 11:10
Yeah, I didn't find out about it. Like I just I saw people talking about it on Instagram. Like when Part two is? Oh, okay. Let me check this over.

Chris 11:21
Yeah, I did a big order from them over this over the summer. Anyway, I did a very big order from them and I got a bunch of stuff.

Carlos 11:28
But it's weird that a Halloween anthology was a Christmas story.

Kimberly 11:34
Well, basically was holiday for anthology. So it had Christmas horror and Halloween Horror. It had a bunch of different holiday horror. I don't know why they did that. But it was pretty good.

Carlos 11:49
Yeah, I have one called holidays that I haven't watched yet, but we'll watch it probably tonight. And that's Yeah, like, like you said same thing. It's got new year's Christmas or Halloween. Interesting.

Kimberly 12:03
I'm kind of into that, actually.

Carlos 12:05
Oh, yes. awesome idea.

Kimberly 12:09
Well, if the segment's are good, because if they're not then it's just like, Oh, I see where you're going. And but awesome idea. Right. Yeah, holidays I think has.

Chris 12:22
I think there's a segment from Kevin Smith and that one.

Carlos 12:26
There is Yeah. That was the only Kevin Smith movie. I was missing. But I just got to read

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