Macabre...ish Cockneys Vs Zombies Review


Cockneys vs Zombies is a horror comedy about zombie outbreak in England. The movie opens at a construction site where workers unearth a door with ‘Sealed by order of King Charles II 1666’ and typical of movies like this, the workers kick it in! You know, in the hopes of finding treasure, of course. And inside they find a cavernous room filled with bones and rats. The 2 foolish men are bitten by the one lone, juicy corpse in the place and that’s how the story begins.


Central to the story is two brothers, with their cousin and a couple of friends get a great idea to rob a bank, in order to get money, to pay for their granddad’s retirement home. Not only do they full on botch the job but when they leave the bank, the zombie outbreak is in full swing. 


Now there’s a new mission, to rescue their granddad and his pensioner friends from the zombies! This movie has everything you expect from a zombie movie, all the blood, gore, dismemberments, guts, entrails plus all the crazy kills. Just with the added bonus of hilarious English elderly people. And these are no weak shrinking violets, they give us the best no f@&ks given that the elderly are known for, when handling their zombie guests. They have some of the best kills and the best comedy. 


This movie is good, story is good and with a good ending. This is my favorite zombie comedy. Also, music is good (The Automatic Automatic, Monster) and follows the theme of the movie. The music video is good and ridiculous! 


This is a 2012 movie, 88 minutes long.


Enjoy Zombie fans!



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