Macabre...ish Cults, Classics & Horror!



Are you a fan of podcasts or would you just prefer to hear horror entertainment while you quarantining?! 


Why start a podcast though?


For fans of horror, cult classics and obscure film that feel left out. Let me explain, I’m the kind of person who just likes the experience of cinema. I love watching it, talking about it, searching for something new and weird, possibly terrible but still terribly entertaining.


I also like all the mediums you can get it in. I like collectibles and memorabilia. Movie art, posters and vintage merch. All of it, I love it! But I also tend not to fit in when in comes to fandom. I’m all about the nostalgia, the joy and love of it.


When I’m down and struggling, I know what to pop in to perk me right back up. Film is both therapeutic and entertainment, so you will never hear me speak negatively of it or it’s creators. They do what I can’t, even if it’s not great. So I won’t knock it, nor will I trample someone’s dream. If you cross paths with me on IG, Quora or where ever, you know, I’m not with that. So I do not fit in with the some times toxic side of fandom.


Then there are the purists. There are the continuity police. The perfectionists. Those who know every director, scream queen, final girl, FX team etc. by name. I’m not any of these people. I just want to talk about a movie I enjoyed and why I enjoyed it. I don’t want to be quizzed on ever minuscule nuance that graces the screen.


And I know that there are plenty of fans that are like me and that is generally my audience. Additionally, I’m an introvert and frankly spend more time watching movies than with people. So the shut ins, wallflowers, cave dwellers, introverts, lurkers, the anxious and alt kids...those are my people. Those fans who love what I love desperately but can’t find their tribe.


Those folks who lurk over my comment section then jump into the conversation in my dm’s because the comment section is too public. This podcast is to welcome them too, all fans are welcome, come and lurk, have a blast listening to film chat with misguided weirdo/poor kid misadventures mixed in.


Also, the pandemic/quarantine has been especially hard on some of me people, we’ve lost a few to suicide already. I hate that more than anything. I’m doing the podcast and streaming so that you all know that we are all still out here. You are not alone. We’re quarantining with you. Hang in there, it won’t go on forever.


I respond to most comments and dm’s so you know I am not passively collecting followers. No. I started all this to connect with my people. There’s no reason we should be alone. We can connect by what we love. I’m right here. Watching horror and loving it right with you.

I'll even make it easy for you to listen




P. S. If you are one of the many that have been dm-ing me on social media about struggling with loneliness during these hard times. Come hang out with me on Twitch on Tuesday and Thursday nights, starting at 9 p.m. central time. 

We’ll hang out, talk about horror movies and get through what’s left of 2020 together.