Macabre...ish Horror Art! Coming soon


I’m a collector at heart and if you know me at all, I love horror. Film, books, art, toys...all of it. It’s very nostalgic for me and always wanted to collect horror memorabilia, toys...something...especially now that so many of our icons are aging and passing away.


So the very first thing I got was a Ouija board game! Love it! More for what it is than playing the game. And it has that very plain light plastic planchette and I thought how cool it would be to have a more decorative one. And what if I could make some different ones because I love so many different things, my mind was brimming with ideas!


The first few, I LOVED and I legitimately had a bonafide collection going and suddenly, it occurred to me that maybe others would enjoy them too.


They are handmade, made in the US and made with different kind of woods and decorative materials, just based on what might look amazing together.


Some are just plain wood grain. Some have a touch of steampunk. Some have crystals. Some have different shapes and sizes because they are adornments themselves.


The beauty and perfect imperfection of nature paired with nostalgic horror is a great pairing.



And I’m using my love of art and back ground in wood working as the framework and everything I love from crystals, costuming and alternative cultures, as inspiration.


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