Macabre...ish Horror Book Review: The Enemy by Charlie Higson



The Enemy by Charlie Higson


A deadly disease has struck everyone over the age of 16. All who didn’t immediately die from it turn into zombies, (so it has the feel of Cell crossed with Lord of the Flies) and feed off of anyone who crosses their path. This book starts in the middle of the disaster and the setting is England.


The survivors, kids, survive by hiding, barricading themselves in grocery stores their parents shopped at and fighting off packs of crazed adults, zombies, because they are no longer simply kids, they are food.


The kids form tribes based on their strengths and named for the supermarket in which they’d taken refuge. They are coping, then food begins running out. Even their scavenges are coming up sparse and becoming much more dangerous. Aside from the worry of dwindling numbers from illness, injury and zombie, they could lose numbers to the rival supermarket, if they thought life might be better there.


After being invited to take refuge inside Buckingham Palace, they discover, danger is everywhere.

This is a pleasant and easy read, so far, and I am excited to read the rest! 

I’m excited to have found this series! And just in time for winter. If you’re intrigued, here’s the link to itunes for a digital copy.