Macabre...ish Horror Book Review: The Long Walk



The Long Walk by Stephen King (Richard Bachman), 1979


Annually, on May 1st begins The Long Walk, 100 teenage boys all walk until only one is left and the one left, gets the big prize! But until then, they must maintain a walking speed of 4 mph and if they fall below that they get a warning. Each warning disappears after an hour of warning free walking. There are only 3 warnings at number 4, you get your ticket and you’re out of the Walk.


Rules and Hints of the walk are given before hand and suggestions, such as now wearing sneakers because you’ll get blisters. No wandering off the road or interfering with other Walkers.


Once The Long Walk begins, there is no sitting or resting, once night falls, it’s not over, you’ll learn to sleep walk. Need to go to the restroom, no problem, do it while walking and try to do it with no warnings. Storm comes, bridge is out, keep walking!


Canteens are available upon request and food concentrates are passed out daily. If you lose your food belt, whoops, no more until tomorrow, maybe a fellow Walker will take pity and share.


A few of our characters are dear innocent Garraty, outgoing McVries with a go-fuck-yourself grin, high octane hate powered Barkovitch, aloof white rabbit, Stebbins and The Major, “The rarest, most dangerous monster, any nation can produce.’ The all have their own plans and reasons for joining The Walk and coming to terms with their choices and lives. Until the very end.

The walk begins in Maine and ends...where ever...some Walkers will just lay down and die, some will beg for their lives and some will walk through many states to try to be the last one standing. But in the end, one thing is certain they will walk for the rest of their lives.

This is one of my favorite books, I read it every year and when I’m struggling, it always gives me perspective, oddly enough. It’s not the craziest Stephen King story but it’s one of my favorite Bachman’s. I highly recommend the audiobook if you’re not a reader! Great for when you’re stuck in traffic or random long line. 

For more, how about a video!




You can get a digital copy here. And the audiobook, here. Enjoy!!


Big news! André Øvredal is set to direct New Line’s adaptation of The Long Walk! It is in production now! To remind you, he brought Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark to life. And if you haven’t seen it, it’s here







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