Macabre...ish Horror Movie Review: Summer Camp



Summer Camp, 2015/ 1 hr 24 min.


Three American camp counselors (Will: Diego Boneta, Michelle: Maiara Walsh, Christy: Jocelyn Donahue) are missing in Europe after being hired to teach English in Spain, in an English immersion camp. The embassy says that hope of finding them alive are slim.

The Americans were preparing for the kids to come but it is immediately strange. Odd locals are near the camp and seem to be on high alert about something and warn them that the area is no place for kids. 

This is not a Summer Camp with cabins and canoes next to a lake, this is a learning excursion at a dilapidated estate. Before the campers even arrive, someone is mauled by a’s just turning out to be as expected and frankly another one already wants to return home.

And later, the local, Antonio (Andrés Velencoso) turns into a black, blood spewing madman plus he’s strong and fast as hell. The two men fight and one kills the other. As the two women try to escape, one of them also changes and attacks the other. Whatever has happened was sudden and without warning, whatever it is, is also happening to the animals. 

The 2 still normal counselors return to the house to barricade themselves in and sets a trap to catch Michelle but then something really unexpected happens. They begin to understand the cause and origin but they still don’t know how to stop it.

This was an interesting and intense movie. The effects are fine for what this is and definitely works. During the action sequences there’s a lot of shaky cam but it makes an impact. Also there are only about 10 or 12 people in the movie until the very end but they do a good job. The movie is mostly in English but with some Spanish. I enjoyed it!