Macabre...ish Horror: Puppet Master 3



Puppet Master 3, 1991/ 80 min.  This continuation of the story is actually a prequel and Andre Toulon’s, Master Puppeteer’s puppets seem to have no strings and have will of their own and the word’s gotten out. And unfortunately it is during WWII and a henchman, Dr. Hess, finds out about them and sends the gestapo to the theatre to kidnap them. During the confrontation, Toulon’s wife, Elsa is killed and Toulon, kidnapped by Nazis. But on the way, the puppets attack the gestapo before they reach their headquarters and escape with their Puppet Master. 


And now Toulon plan’s his revenge. He creates a new puppet, Six shooter, created Blade in the image of a high ranking Nazi official, Major Krauss and uses his deceased wife’s essence to create Leech Woman. Now with his Puppet Army, he’s ready for war.


There is nudity and plenty of violence. I think this Puppet Master is the bloodiest and most gruesome one


This movie was really good for it being 3rd in the series. I really enjoyed it!



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