Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Experiment



The Experiment, 2001/ 120 min.


A journalist turned taxi driver, Tarek Fahd, sees an ad in the newspaper, an invitation to participate in an experiment, a prison simulation, and the pay is 4000 marks. The experiment is led by Prof. Klaus Thon and Dr. Junta Grimm.


There are 20 volunteers are chosen to be either guards or prisoners, 12 prisoners, 8 guards. And they're being observed by a team of scientists. Tarek participates as a journalistic, a camera hides in his glasses and his old boss will pay 10,000 for the story.





The prisoner's lose their privacy, rights and their names and they are replaced with numbers. The guards receive uniforms, cuffs, night sticks. Tarek struggles to acknowledge the guards' superiority and resists and provokes them.






Over the next few days, it escalates as the volunteers settle into their rolls, psychologically. The preset limits of the experiment are passed when the guards, who are not allowed to use violence, kidnap Tarek from his cell, late one night, stripped naked, shave him bald and urinate on him.


The guards are very aware of their power, led by Berus, the sadist, the violence and humiliation escalates. The scientists observing, consider to stopping the experiment but Thon wants to continue until it peaks. The prisoners are abused, Tarek gets the worst of it and his friend Shütte, succumbs after a severe beating. Bosch, a guard, tries to contact the professor to halt the experiment but can't reach him. When the guards realized that he can't be reached, it goes completely off the rails.


They take over the facility.  A guard is beaten and turned into a prisoner. The guards capture the scientists and a visitor. A guard tries to rape a scientist. The prisoners have to escape the mayhem before it's too late.





This movie is intense, a German psychological thriller and it has English subtitles. Expect humiliation, sexual assault, torture, adult scenes and nudity. It gets harder to watch as it goes but does end better than expected. 




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