Macabre...ish Horror Review: 10/31



10/31, 2017

This is an indie horror anthology and every episode takes place on Halloween night.

The first is about a ghost hunting crew documenting the night at a notorious B&B and quickly goes from hoax to horror with one of the creepiest old lady monster’s I’ve seen in a while.

The second one is about an old town tragedy and secret. A couple visit the location to find out first hand but one knows something the other doesn’t but not quite enough. And so they become a part of the town lore.

The third takes place, almost entirely at a skating rink and there is more than one kind of monster at this party. This is for nostalgia and slasher fans!

The fourth has some strong Satan’s Little Helper vibes with a deadly clash of holidays. What happens when Santa takes it into his own hands to stop Halloween from taking over.

Fifth is a teen party involving a Ouija board and a Dad’s foreboding, the party ends with all goers visited by a killer. Seems like your typical slasher but this one has a nice twist.

The cinematography had me worried and I almost baled on this one but I stuck to my 25 minute rule and boy am I glad I did, this just got better and better. Plus it was nice to have no idea where it was going, not just from episode to episode but even, during the episodes. Not the best quality on all fronts but the concepts, monsters and physical effects were good. This may be most appreciate by fans of 80s and 90s horror. It was fun watch!