Macabre...ish Horror Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane


10 Cloverfield Lane is a thriller about a woman, Michelle, who after ending her relationship and moving out, ends up getting hit by a vehicle, on her way out of town, and waking up injured and captive in a ‘basement’. The man, Howard, who’s put her there is stern, matter of fact and eerie. He claims he’s trying to keep her alive.


Once she’s let out of her room, she discovers that she’s in an underground bunker and this strange man isn’t the only other occupant, there is one more, a neighbor, Emmitt, who ran to him when the area is attacked by something and that everyone outside is dead, and the air, contaminated. Howard constantly reminds her that he saved her life and is lucky to be in his bunker and that she should be thankful. 


He’s odd and it may be true but something else is going on here. He talks about someone named Megan and whoever she was...well Michelle is wearing her clothes. As she looks around the place, she sees more evidence of Megan, including her earring in an odd place and near a porthole with help scratched into it. But her name’s not Megan, it’s Brittany, a girl who went missing 2 years ago. And that earring matches the one on the girl in the photo. And Megan, that is his daughter’s name and Michelle is wearing her clothes, as evidenced by another photo she finds of Megan and Howard and she’s wearing those very same clothes. That unsettled feeling she couldn’t shake is justified. And she still doesn’t believe the air is contaminated, she thinks it’s just a story a deranged man tells them to keep them there. This bunker was used for more than just a fall out shelter.


After Howard kills Emmitt and dissolves his body in a vat of acid, she knows she has to escape, no matter what’s outside. With a magazine’s help (and Emmitt’s before he died), Michelle gathers materials and makes a suit meant to protect her from the possible toxic air outside.



She escapes after Howard finds her suit when Howard chases her, she dumps the acid over on him, it causes an electrical fire and she gets out. But outside is it’s own nightmare and worse than Howard. It seems surviving the bunker was just the beginning.



This 2016 movie is 103 minutes long. A little blood splatter is all, hardly any. No nudity.


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