Macabre...ish Horror Review: 1000 Ways to Die



1000 Ways To Die, 2008-2012, 74 episodes. Narrated shorts about crazy stories of unusual deaths that were mostly preventable if people had just don’t something different. There were 4 narrators during it’s run depending on broadcast. For the U.S., Ron Perlman and Thom Beers and for the U.K. broadcast, Alisdair Simpson. Likewise, an Australian broadcast with John Moore. 


Notable gems and warnings of what not to do. Like not sniffing ants, not attempting liposuction in your garage with a shop vac with your buddy’s help, not getting drunk with a vodka enema because you’re too sick to drink and maybe not having a chain run through your digestive system, and out of your mouth and butthole, and connected at both ends, which causes death by getting caught on an operating fork lift. 



This is episode after episode of what you probably shouldn’t do or it might just kill you. All the narration was pretty funny and the comedy is dark. Every episode has a tongue in cheek title based on the type of death in the episode. The stories are entertaining, crazy and graphic. I love this show and it’s yet another one I wish hadn’t ended. But unfortunately, crew members went on strike and halted production in an attempt to unionize and accused their employer of thwarting their efforts.


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