Macabre...ish Horror Review: 13: Game of Death




13:Game of Death, 2008/117 min.



This is the original Thai movie that spawned 13 Sins and also known as 13 Beloved.


A struggling salesman, Chit, who loses his job, his girlfriend and his car, has a once in a lifetime chance to turn it all around when a mysterious caller offers him $100 million to play a game that features 13 challenges. 


He accepts the challenge. The catch is the challenges get more difficult and morally questionable but he can quit any time but if he does, he loses all of his winnings.


And it’s all being recorded and televised for a game show and the people involved have been watching him long enough to know everything about him, including the fact that he’s struggling. 


After every completed challenge, a cash pride will be deposited in his account. If he fails to complete a task within the allotted time, he loses and all the money he’s won will be withdrawn. 



Breaking any of the rules automatically ends the game. Chit soon becomes a one man crime spree. The challenges become more despicable and disgusting.



Expect violence, corpse, body parts, graphic and gruesome. Good concept, effects and story. This movie offers Thai and English audio options. As well as English and Spanish subtitles.







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