Macabre...ish Horror Review: 13 Sins


13 Sins a movie about a hidden camera game show, where players are chosen based on their weaknesses and deficiencies. For instance, one of our contestants, Eliot, is an insurance agent, drowning in debt and he’s desperate because he’s about to get married. He receives a cryptic call informing him that he’s on a game show, where he must execute 13 challenged and if he completes these tasks, he wins a multimillion dollar cash prize. 


So here’s the deal, when the phone rings, he is given instructions that he must quickly follow through with because these challenges are timed, if he does it then he is rewarded with a certain amount of money credited to his account. If he does not, and he can quit at any time, but he most forfeit whatever he’s already won. Other than him quitting, there are two other ways the game can be terminated, if he tells anyone he’s playing the game or if he tries to contact or in anyway interfere with the game. The only thing is, he never knows when, where or what the challenges will be. And the tasks get more sinister than the last and to a devastating point of no return. 


The movie opens with another person who’s clearly playing the game and it’s pretty crazy. Which tells you how nuts the game can get. This movie is a remake of a 2006 Thai horror comedy, 13 Beloved. It is bloody, violent and graphic. Expect to see blood, amputations, decapitations, assaults and destruction. And the effects are good. The concept and pacing is good and keeps you interested, right up until the end. Which by the way...great ending!


This 2013 movie is 92 minutes long and offers Spanish subtitles. Enjoy, indie fans!


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