Macabre...ish Horror Review: 2:13



2:13, 2009/ 1 hr 35 min.



A police profiler fresh out of a psych ward battling demons and a drinking problems, returns to work to chase a serial killer.


The movie opens with the sicko at work and she’s later found nude, nailed to her bedroom ceiling, wearing a mask. And someone else’s arm, buried in her yard. But then, an email is received from the person who the arm belongs too but there’s no way, she could still be alive. So the profiler says.


It leads to the reopening of an investigation that was previously closed and led to Spivey’s break down. With fresh eyes he finds new clues. The police are getting the hint that this is a game.


Meanwhile, Spivey fights his own demons that include childhood trauma. And something about this case is making it worse. It feels familiar. And the game continues on, more clues means more bodies and body parts spread all over town. He goads them on with voice and emails, digging up Spivey’s mother’s grave. And he favors the time/date, 2:13.


There’s also some pretty good twists in this as well.


This movie turns out to be more about the profiler’s struggle than a serial killer horror. It’s good but it wasn’t marketed that way. So it feels deceptive. Also this movie isn’t particularly graphic for there being dismemberment involved. Minimal blood and gore. Also his German Shepherd, Elvis, deserves an honorable mention, the dog is kind of awesome in this movie.