Macabre...ish Horror Review: 2012



2012, 2009/ 158 min.


This isn’t horror but really, what’s more terrifying than an imploding Earth?!


Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) is a science fiction writer and chauffeur, he lives in California as does his ex-wife, Kate (Amanda Peete) and 2 children. He is on a camping trip with his kids in Yellow Stone when he notices unusual activity and finds a fan of his work among the personnel who alerts him to leave the area, Yellowstone is unstable. He meets pickle eating, conspiracy theorist, Charlie Frost (Woody Harrelson) there who warns him about the apocalypse. It’s scheduled for 12/12/2012.


The Earth begins falling apart while Jackson is working and finds out his boss and family are going to the Ark, so he hires a plane and detours to his ex’s house to pick her, the kids and the boyfriend, Gordon, up in the limo. They have to get the map and to the plane, it’s their only hope of survival.


Charlie talked about a ship, an Ark, and if they can get there, they might be saved but it’s in Asia. They barely escape Yellow Stone Park with their lives as the escape via a small plane with the few piloting skills of Gordon. They make their way to an airport in Vegas and get on jet belonging to Jackson’s billionaire boss in return for Gordon co-piloting and they all fly toward Asian as the Earth crumbles behind them.


Up until now we see all the brightest scientists try desperately to warn the world leaders what is coming and that it is imminent. Most flee but the President of the United States (Danny Glover) chooses to remain in his office when the end comes. The wealthy, many politicians and essential personnel, head to the Ark. But there are too many. As the desperate leap to their deaths to try to board or stow away in the animal hold. And no one really knows if the Ark will work, especially, beyond capacity.


Meanwhile the Earth crumbles. And what kind of world will be left for those on the Ark. They won’t know for 27 days.


Great movie, cast and effects! Action packed and pretty fast moving. Cast includes Danny Glover, Amanda Peete, Thandie Newton, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Oliver Platt, Stephen McHattie, George Segal, Henry O, Jimi Mistry and so many more