Macabre...ish Horror Review: 247 Degrees F



247 Degrees Fahrenheit, 2011/ 1 hr 40


Friends recovering from tragedy spend the weekend at another friend’s uncle’s cabin, that is still a work in progress. They help themselves to the sauna and find themselves trapped inside.


All of their attempts to escape actually guarantees them baking to death if no one comes to their rescue. Injuries are sustained as they try to break a tiny porthole window, disabling the thermostat turns out be a terrible idea. The heating element is natural gas. Fireworks cover their screams.


The uncle’s dog, Beau, all but ruptures himself trying to alert his owner. The humans, as usual, are oblivious. It all culminates in a somewhat expected ending.



This movie is not horrible but it is maddening because it seems so senseless and hopeless. There are adult scenes but no blood or gore. This is your typical reckless mistake movie where everything lines up to make sure the disaster happens. There are a few surprises but otherwise expected. I’d watch it again, even if it’s just to yell at the tv.