Macabre...ish Horror Review: 28 Weeks Later


28 Weeks Later, 2007/ 1 hr 40 min.  In this continuation of 28 Days Later, six months on after the rage virus spread and obliterated the London population. The US military helps with the repatriation of England and trying to restore order and protect the uninflected from any remaining ragers.



Unfortunately, the outbreak begins again when refugee interaction and quarantine procedures are ignored. 



Now the infection rages from inside a safe zone and no ones ready for it. And one particular infected person focuses in on specific victims. But these victims aren’t infected just infected with the rage virus, they’re killed. The military struggles to regain control and discovers the real reason some people are just infected and others are killed. Until it’s a race to save one of the few anomalies which may hold the answer to the end of the infection.



This movie is a great continuation of the original but know that the characters from the last movies aren’t in this one. Expect violence, blood and carnage. As well as nudity and adult scenes. And there are plenty of recognizable faces in this movie. 



This movie has English, French and Spanish audio option. And English and Spanish subtitles.  Enjoy!



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