Macabre...ish Horror Review: 30 Days of Night




30 Days of Night, 2007/ 1 hr 53 min. In a tiny town in Alaska, Barrow, during their month of darkness, the citizens are subject to a nightmare. And it begins with a vagrant stranger (Ben Foster), arriving on foot, out of seemingly nowhere. And he’s jailed for suspicion of vandalism in regards to the killing of sled dogs and stealing cell phones and cooking them in a  bonfire. And it just so happens to be on the last day of sunrise they’ll have for a month.



Eben (Josh Hartnett) and his estranged wife Stella (Melissa George) end up stuck together after her truck is hit by a local and she misses her plane out. When teams of dogs are found slaughtered and a man’s head is found on a pike, they realize the seriousness of their predicament. With their exits and communications sabotaged, the towns people of Barrow are screwed!



Once everyone realizes they’re in danger, it’s too late. The vagrant isn’t the only stranger in town. And with the dark comes vampires. Brutal vampires, that are more cult than family and they don’t just drink blood, they’re destructive.



Tearing open their victims’ throats, tearing off heads. Some they turn, others they kill out right and some they use for bait. Many locals fight like hell with whatever they have, heavy machinery, dynamite, UV lamps etc. And did I mention vampire kids? Well we have them in this movie!



But in the end, Eben takes desperate measure to save the last of the towns people, when the vampires take measures to destroy the town, becoming one of them to even the playing field.



This is a good movie, with terrifying, sadistic, bestial vampires. The movie is really graphic, gory and bloody, with good effects.



Good kills, a few suicides and a sad ending. 


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