Macabre...ish Horror Review: 47 Hours To Live




47 Hours To Live, 2020/ 93 min.


This constantly texting-while-driving-in-the-rain girl, almost dies so many times while driving. She didn’t but at least one kid did, then she drove off when other kids tried to get help.

Boredom brings two teens, Rose and Cadence (one over protected and one neglected) to a website with a summoning game called 47. It’s a two person game, light a candle and write an incantation on a piece of paper, with blood from the players. Burn it in the fire and you set a 10 second timer on your phone, pass it back and forth while saying the incantation. Who ever’s holding the camera when the timer ends, loses. You have 47 hours to live unless you play the game with someone else within that time and they lose.

 Later, Rose (Annie Hamilton) who loses starts experiencing weird stuff right away. After a look on the game’s website, there is a long list of people who presumably died from the game and a quick fact check of obits proves they are actually dead. And of course, Cadence (Allie Marie Evans) doesn’t really believe in it, even though it was her idea. Oh and also, the above just made it up.

Just say the incantation and pass the phone.

Rose is so freaked out that they play the game again and Cadence loses on purpose to put her mind at ease. And immediately, weird stuff starts happening to her now. Now she believes.

 After days of passing the curse back and forth, they come up with a plan to try to stop it when a classmate dies after playing 47. They find the site owner and contact a hacker to discover the author of the game. And the answer they get, sucks.

Then their plan is derailed when they botch the game and end up with a few hours to pass the curse on.

This movie was ok. It really slowed down and became redundant with the never ending storm and game rotation as plot devices, got old quick. The final scene with Rose and Cadence was kind of a let down and the unresolved but intriguing holes didn’t help. The CGI is ok. There are a few adult scenes. This is a one watch for me.

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But as I always say, don’t take my word for it. Support the arts, watch and decide for yourself. Happy watching horror fan!!