Macabre...ish Horror Review: 9 Dead




Nine Dead, 2009/ 98 min. After a rash of kidnappings, 9 seemingly random strangers find themselves gagged, blind folded and handcuffed to pipes, locked inside of a room. A masked man arrives to let them know that they are all there for a reason and the only way to survive is to figure out what they all have in common, to find out what that reason is.



And also important is that one of them will be killed every 10 minutes until they figure it out or until they’re all dead. If they happen to figure I’d out, he will release the survivors, contact the authorities and confess to all the crimes he committed that day.



Included in this line up a Priest, an Asian lady who speaks no English, a pedophile and rapist, an illegal gun seller, a police officer, a strip club owner and loan shark, an insurance executive, a petty thief and an assistant district attorney. It takes them a while to take this situation seriously. But they do after he kills the first of them.



Just before every kill he whispers the answer to the person then kills them. Oh and just because that person’s dead doesn’t mean they don’t have to figure out the dead person’s connection with them. So the game only gets harder, the more people they lose. One person manages to escape...sort of but it only serves as a warning to the others. They finally figure out that they have to bare their souls, all the terrible things they’ve done and got away with or think they did.


Pretty decent movie, it’s mostly entirely in one room with flashbacks thrown in that add color to the story. A few recognizable faces but this is definitely a low budget movie but a pretty good thriller. Lots of dialogue here but a very interesting story.




P. S.  The U.K. version is called Saw Butchery.



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