Macabre…ish Horror Review: Abominable


Abominable, 2006/ 1 hr 34 min



A couple, Ethel (Dee Wallace) and Farmer Hoss (Rexx Linn) finds entrails and body parts on their property and end up losing their dog upon inspection. Whatever did it has left massive footprints in the snow.


Meanwhile, the world’s worst care taker, Otis (Christien Tinsley), forces a disabled man to go, Preston (Matt McCoy) to the mountains, Preston’s home that he hasn’t returned too since a climbing accident that cost him his wife and mobility.


Which is terrible because Otis is the worst. He doesn’t listen, he’s inconsiderate, dismissive, cruel and eventually physically abusive. And Preston is powerless to stop any of it.


And when Preston sees some kind of creature (Michael Deak) in the woods, Otis completely dismisses him and his concerns. The more Preston tries to convince him, the more aggressive he becomes and eventually decides to tranquilize him.


Oh and some of the locals believe and are out hunting Sasquatch but when they accidentally set up camp near it’s lair and find a woman it started eating but is still alive, they are in trouble.


And Preston, nothing he does to alert anyone works, it’s really frustrating. And then he watches the beast break into his neighbor’s house and attack the inhabitants and there is not a thing he can do but alert them to it’s location.


When it finally does come to Preston’s house, he will have to revisit an old hobby to save himself and a neighbor. And the town finds out the truth about their local Sasquatch.


This movie was paced well and with well placed jump scares and score, it really filled in the space between kills and gore. The bigfoot was strange and scary, when it killed, if we saw it, it was heinous. Also in this movie is Lance Henriksen, Jeffrey Combs, Phil Morris and Paul Gleason. I don’t like many big foot movies but I liked this one.