Macabre...ish Horror Review: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter



Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, 2012/ 105 min. When Abe is a child, he tries to protect his friend and the act gets his father fired by his tyrant of a boss, Jack Barts (Marton Csokas). That same night, Abe sees Bart creep into his house and attack his mother, days later, she dies. Nine years later, Abe’s father dies and he (Benjamin Walker) goes looking for Barts for vengeance. And not only does he meet Barts but discovers a secret about him, he’s a vampire and the man he befriends in the bar prior, Henry Sturges (Dominic Cooper), is as well, but Henry comes to Abe’s rescue just in time.



From then on Henry teaches Abe to kill vampires and thus trains a partner in his own vendetta in the death of his fiancée, years prior, just before he himself is turned.



And it is not just friendship, vampires cannot kill their own and Henry needs Abe to do what he can’t. All the while, hunting and killing vampires.  He finds his work as politician and vampire hunting go hand in hand.




As good as he is he puts hunting aside when he marries Mary Todd and joins polite society.




Recovering a friendship with a childhood friend, former slave, Will Johnson (Anthony Mackie) and a new friend and employer, shopkeep, Joshua Speed (Jimmie Simpson).  Abe is a good pupil and all the while he studies and gets involved in politics until he reaches the office of president.



Abe and Mary Todd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) have a son who dies from the same illness as his mother and he knows, vampires have infiltrated the White House, so he dusts off his axe and prepares for a battle that also coincides with the Civil War and this, 2 battles are fought and won at the same time.



Good movie! Great cinematography and effects. If you like historical dramas, just add some great vampires. The kills are entertaining and graphic, plenty of action and fight scenes, plus a great story line.


If you liked the Sherlock Holmes movies, you will likely enjoy this movie. I really enjoyed it! And if you’ve somehow been convinced then let’s make it simple for you to watch, click here and enjoy!


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