Macabre...ish Horror Review: Alien Resurrection


Alien Resurrection, 1997/ 109 min. In 2379, 200 years after crash landing on Fiorina and ultimately killing herself and the Queen, Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is cloned from blood samples taken before her crash landing. Along with her blood is the Queen’s, the clone is raised with an embryo inside, and after its removal, Ripley 8, the clone’s designation is kept alive for further study. The result of being born with Xenomorph DNA, she’s has enhanced reflexes and strength her blood is also more acidic than it should be, she has a psychic link with the aliens, as well as their genetic memory. And because of that, she retains some of Ripley’s memories.



The scientists also have other human subjects, kidnapped by mercenaries, Elgyn, Johner, Christie, Vriess, Hillard and Call (Michael Wincott, Ron Perlman, Gary Dourdan, Dominique Piñon,Winona Ryder,



who remain in stasis, to be hosts for the aliens. The now, adult aliens escape their containment be killing one of their own, to use its blood and escape. They kill many of those who fail to evacuate and damage the ship. The result is, automatic protocol is engaged, which is set to return to Earth. The mercenaries and Ripley 8, realize that if that happens, then Earth is doomed.



A plan is made to use The Betty to destroy The Auriga (the ship) and along the way, Ripley finds a lab with the 7 prior Ripley clones. All in different stages of grotesque condition, one of them begs Ripley 8 to killer and she complies, as well as incinerating the lab, destroying the others.



The group is being chased through the ship by adult xenomorphs, one is killed, one’s blinded, another is a turn coat (Wren (J. E. Freeman)) and Call is discovered to be an auton, an



improved synthetic and she connects with the ship’s interface and set it on a collision course with Earth, hoping to kill the Aliens in the crash. Ripley is then captured by an Alien, Wren is already in The Betty and Purvis, with an Alien in his chest, forces Wren’s head on his chest, just as the Alien breaks through, killing them both. 



Ripley is taken to the nest where a queen has grown a uterus as a result of its human dna and giving birth to live aliens with distinct human characteristics. The hybrid xenomorph recognizes Ripley as its mother and Ripley takes the opportunity to kill her as well as Dr. Gediman (Brad Dourif) who is partially cocooned. She then rescues Call from an Alien



by using her acidic blood to melt a hole in a window that then violently sucks it out of the ship. 



Another great addition to the franchise, good cast, a lot of the same but with good twists and enough of a difference to keep me interested. The xenomorphs really grossed me out! Good pacing and the story made sense. Well done, especially for it to be forth in the franchise. 


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