Macabre...ish Horror Review: AVP: Alien vs Predator



Alien vs Predator, 2004/ 1 hr 55 min.




Billionaire Charles Weyland Bishop has made the find of the century or so he hopes and with the best crew, all tops in their fields, he hopes to get there first.



The location: Antarctica, under an old whaling town, long abandoned, the previous occupants vanishing without a trace. Ancient shacks, still furnished, tables still set. And frozen solid. A heat signature had been picked up by a Weyland Ind. Satellite.



Meanwhile, a Predator ship hovering above Earth, shoots a beam that leaves a tunnel into the Earth.


Weyland’s team arrives almost the same time as the Predator’s and unknowing and unwittingly, sets off a chain of events and become the instigators and incubators for a hunting game that’s been taking place of ages and has been documented throughout human history. And though the team has security, they are in no way equipped for this.



Everything terrible about The Predators and everything terrible about the Aliens is unleashed on the humans (and each other) and it’s war. Every living creature for themselves. Whoever’s left standing will win. Sort of. Because just when you think it’s over, it never quite is.



I really enjoy this movie, I’m a fan of both franchises. It’s a good concept with a stellar cast. The kills are good, it’s action packed and fun! I wish a lot of characters were around a lot longer but otherwise, I liked it. The very end just freaking figures! This is #5 in both the Predator franchise and the Alien franchise. Enjoy!


Really fun movie! Interested in watching?! It’s available here, on itunes. Enjoy!! 





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