Macabre...ish Horror Review: #alive aka #i_must_survive



#alive aka #i_must_survive, 2020/ 1 hr 38 min.


Oh Jun-U is home alone and while his family is out, a zombie infection breaks out. In the mean time, there’s only days worth of food in the house. And his phone gets spotty signal. He sends out a call for help on social media after a couple zombies break into his apartment.


He tries to game, make videos and listen to music to pass the time but loneliness and despair begin to take over. He hallucinates his family coming home and waits for any news other than the tv telling everyone to stay inside.



The  utilities are starting to go off. And everyone in the complex seems to be dead or undead. He finally gets a voicemail from his family and it’s the last thing he wants to hear. Overwhelmed with grief, he goes out in the hall. Nothing out there be mayhem, death and horde. So he returns.


Days turn into weeks. On day 20, there are signs of potential rescue and then the city lights go out. He fashions a noose and while trying to kill himself, he is signaled from across the courtyard via laser pointer. Her name is Kim Yu-Bin and she’s camping in the flat just across from him. Complete with traps!


Suddenly their buildings fill with undead, running from the street. But it’s not just zombies to fear in this flick.



This zombie flick was kind of fun!! It’s a Korean film with English voice over. Excellent zombie effects and amazingly gory! These zombies are thinkers and climbers plus they’re fast. There’s nothing brand new here but I enjoyed the approach, concept and the choice of cast! Pretty good pacing and suspense.