Macabre...ish Horror Review: All The Creatures Were Stirring



All The Creatures Were Stirring, 2018/ 1 hr 20 min



This begins with a couple on a date at the theatre and each vignette is a visual expression of the actual episodes in this series...



Enter the world’s worst and most terrifying office party and this one has a deadly secret Santa. A menacing voice comes over the intercom and warns them that they must open the presents on the table. They have 10 minutes or he will kill them all. As proof, one employee has already succumbed to one of the gifts. Oh and the areas around the conference room has been filled deadly gas. Everyone plays.


Next is a man, Eric, doing very last minute Christmas shopping, on the eve of his birthday (and Christmas btw) and locks himself out of his car, in the middle of a dark parking lot, with only a scary van nearby. This is a new take on scary van horror! A new reason to be terrified of them.


A douche, I mean Scrooge named Chandler is home alone on Christmas Eve and while snorting coke on his coffee table, he is visited by Christmas, Evil and random people from his childhood. This is a messed up take on a Christmas Carol.


A man hits a deer on his way home, then gets out of his car and beats it in the head with a giant rock to kill it. It’s wearing a red collar with Blitzen on it. And someone or something follows him home.


This was wild! Novel and interesting concept for an anthology, I was very entertained! The effects and acting were good, some of it was weird, but I like weird...


This anthology is a Shudder Original.