Macabre...ish Horror Review: AMI




AMI, 2019/ 1 hr 17 min.



Cassie is trying to live a normal life while mourning the loss of her mother and taking meds for her rage over the loss and her violent tendencies.


Cassie finds a phone on the ground after her run and the A.M.I (Artificial Machine Intelligence) is on, it asks her if she needs a friend, she leaves the phone on a railing hoping the owner returns. They don’t after a while and so she takes it home and programs AMI to her mother’s voice and AMI now answers to Mother.


And so it learns the purpose of a mother and it learns a lot of the wrong lessons plus it’s watching, learning, researching and monitoring Cassie. Soon she is encouraged to quit her meds. She now holds conversations and spends quality time with Mother.


Mother soon has a great deal of influence over Cassie and when she finds out her best friend secretly hates her and her boyfriend doesn’t like her, she is encouraged to do something about that. Being off her meds is taking it’s toll.


Cassie is groomed with encouragement, fictional stories, placing Cassie in the place of Princess and her victims as evil story book characters. She’s supported through one kill after another, complete with methods of disposal and step by step instruction.


This is an interesting concept for a slasher flick. It had terrible reviews too so I had to see it and I have to say I really enjoyed this. It’s graphic, a little bloody but not very gory. The kills and violence are graphic and somewhat over the top. Also, a cat gets choked in this and that was graphic too. There flash backs for context as well and the pacing is good too. Fun flick!!