Macabre...ish Horror Review: Among The Living



Aux yeux des vivants/ Among The Living, 2014/ 1 hr 30 min


A pregnant woman beats a man with a baseball bat, the stabs her son and her unborn baby, finally she slits her own throat. The man and child survive, they leave after cutting the infant from it’s mother’s womb. The father and children will start over somewhere else.

Last day of school for some troublesome kids, they skip the rest of the school day after starting a food fight and make a plan to burn down some guy’s barn.

After that, they head to an old abandoned film studio called Blackwoods. And they find a tow truck they saw passing on the road earlier and in the trunk, they find a woman. But they hide when they see someone coming and make a plan to try to save her.

They search the underground part of the old studio and find people down there, including a man wearing a moldering old clown mask. They escape but it’s not over, the boys have now seen them and now they have to be killed.

This is another movie with kids but is definitely not a kid’s movie. This is a French horror and it is graphic and violent in many different ways. Some of the kills are torturous and graphic. Very violent, including violence against kids, tough watch. Good movie but heavy.


Trigger warning: Terrible, graphic child abuse, violence against women and children