Macabre…ish Horror Review: Amusement



Amusement, 2008/ 1 hr 25 min


While on the road, Shelby (Laura Breckenridge) sees a woman (Shawna Duggins) in a semi truck and she looked scared. The the driver of that truck said he was driving alone. And down the road, the woman holds up a ‘Help Me’ sign and suddenly leaps out of the truck onto the car, Shelby and Rob (Tad Hilgenbrink) are driving.


Rob chases the truck down to get the plate number after leaving Shelby with the woman. And that turns out to be a mistake because the truck driver manages to loop around and pick both women up or so says an weirdly, overly friendly Jeep driver (Keir O’Donnell), who may not be telling the truth.


Rob figures out the truth too late.


Meanwhile, Tabitha (Katheryn Winnick)is at her aunt’s new house babysitting her cousins. It’s stormy and someone knocks on the door looking for a stranger and now Tabitha is unnerved. The guest bedroom is full of clowns and they are freaking her out and when she mentions it to her Aunt later, the aunt insists one of those clowns should not be there. Then the clown  stands up.


Earlier in the day, Lisa (Jessica Lucas) and her boyfriend, Dan (Reid Scott) searches for her roommate, Cat (Fernanda Dorogi) and they search a historical hotel where she said she would be. Dan goes missing and after sneaking in, Lisa finds a man who is presumably mentally disabled and finds a room full of people, sewn into mattresses, including her roommate.


A traumatized Tabitha ends up being questioned by a therapist (Rena Owens) and finds out that she knows about her time in elementary school and that her elementary school best friends Shelby and Lisa are also in the building. And she’s terrified. She leaves the room and we find out why.


This is a slasher, not too bloody or gory (until the end) but still good and graphic. This movie is eerie and the jump scares are good. There are flashbacks and hints alone the way that explain what is going on here. The pacing is good, there’s no nudity. I enjoyed this flick!