Macabre...ish Horror Review: Anarchy Parlor



Anarchy Parlor aka Parlor aka Killer Ink, 2014/ 1 hr 38 min


Friends partying in Lithuania run into a tattoo apprentice, Uta (Sarah Fabel), who invite them to be tattooed by her boss (Robert LaSardo).

While at the parlor, Amy (Tiffany Demarco) and Brock (Ben Whalen) are sedated  and immobilized and wake up on tables, in the basement. It seems they were handpicked for their nearly flawless skin. What flaws there are, are cut off, like Brock’s one tattoo. Then his skin is cut off. Tattooing patrons is not all they do at this shop. They also harvest skin for canvas.

The next day, the rest of their friends are concerned and search for them in all the tattoo shops in the area. They find the right place but leave, unfortunately all they went back.

And the canvases, well those are a whole different story. Which includes a history of the art of tattoo, ritual and belief system that has been passed down through generations. The tattoo artist and his patrons believe and partake in and paintings on these special canvases are priceless.

The reality of what’s going on breaks ties and creates unexpected carnage plus turns victims into acolytes, disciples into victims and casual slaughter of...well...anyone in the way.

This indie horror film has strong Hostel vibes. It is graphic, violent and gory, the physical effects were pretty good (but there are some unfortunate CG blood splatter). Good concept, story and pace.  Also adult scenes and nudity. 

This is the first film and script of Devon Downs and Kenny Gage, who shot this film over 20 days.