Macabre...ish Horror Review: Anatomy


Anatomy, 2000/ 103 min.


Paula Henning (Franka Potente) wins a spot in the summer course at the University of Heidelberg. There they have an amazing museum of anatomy, bodies intricately dissected and displayed.





Flash to a man who wakes up on an operating table, the Doctor who notices says,'The specimen's awake.' matter of factly and continues. The man looks around and notices organs being removed from his body and is shocked. He looks down at his abdomen and sees a few doctor's working in his open abdomen. Looking down at one of his arms and notice it's been flayed, de-gloved and dissected. In addition to his horror, pain is suddenly registered and he recoils.





David, a man, Paula helped from the train, is kidnapped and wakes up naked on the table, he tries to escape but fails. During one of her classes, she sees a recognizes him. His body is on her dissection table in Anatomy. Her instructor dares her to dissect his heart. David's body has been mutilated and the circumstances of his death are mysterious.


Following the clues, Paula, discovers an ancient secret society that performs gruesome experiments on living people. Aside from experiments on undesirables, she discovers rituals that are done on transgressors of their rules or people who get to close. She sits on her bed one day and discovers it drenched in blood, candles under the bed...a warning.


She tries to share her findings about the society and is warned and it is revealed that her grandfather, a renowned professor, known for a drug he developed, was a result of experiments done in Nazi Concentration camps. She goes to her grandfather for answers but he has passed away.





This movie is crazy all the way through, interwoven with normalcy. There's all kinds of crazy going on here though it all has one origin. I really enjoyed it even though I was impatient with the normalcy to return to the crazy!


This movie is graphic and the effects are good. Expect nudity and adult scenes. It's a little long winded but worth the wait between gruesome scenes. This is a German movie but there are subtitles and English audio. 


If you can’t find is anywhere else, it’s definitely here. Enjoy!



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