Macabre...ish Horror Review: Anatomy 2



Anatomy 2, 2003/ 101 min.

The anti-Hippocratic Society for unrestricted medical research, a chapter of the Heidelberg has been disbanded but at a prestigious hospital in Berlin, an offshoot of the society still thrives.

A bandaged man walks into a banquet with a scalpel. Announcing that he can’t feel anything and begins to carve himself up, to the horror of the guests and falls to the ground.

Meanwhile, a new batch if interns head to Berlin. One, Jo Hauser, became a doctor because his brother ended up in a wheelchair because their family had inadequate insurance. He wants to make a difference and doesn’t follow hospital protocol when it comes to poor patients.

And because he’s driven, he works to get into a prestigious study reserved for the ‘disciples’ of Dr. LaRousse. His penchant for breaking the rules, gets him an invite. Here he is invited into the coveted research group, it’s called The Lodge. And his initiation is...unexpected. And in the beginning, he’s intrigued and impressed. He is warned that this isn’t what it seems and it will destroy him.

Also, their group is being hunted by law enforcement and they are desperate to stay underground. The head of their group is unravelling, the more desperate he becomes to make breakthroughs before they are caught. He also takes much more extreme measures, in order to accelerate their findings.
The end is insanity!

This movie is very good! It’s German but offers lots of subtitles. I quickly forgot it wasn’t English, I was so drawn in. It’s also a good continuation of the first. Good story, concept, effects. Not scary but still horror, the very idea of this kind of freaks me out. It’s very well done! Continues during credits.