Macabre...ish Horror Review: Animal



Animal, 2014/ 86 min.



The movie starts with two couples being chased through the woods by some kind of beast, one, Barbara, trips and is killed.





Later, five college friends are out for a hike when one insists on finding a waterfall in the area, that 2 of them, Jeff and Alissa went to as kids, it is getting dark by the time they leave and they find Barbara’s remains and the creature consuming them. They are then chased into a nearby cabin minus Jeff, he doesn’t make it.


Inside the boarded up cabin is 3 others, Carl, Douglas and Vicky but they weren’t the ones who boarded it up. And this creature keeps testing the cabin for weaknesses at regular intervals. The group has already discovered a few of the beast’s weaknesses, it slows down after it eats. They know because there weren’t always 3 of them. And it fears fire.


One of them, Alissa, doesn’t think this is just an animal, it’s thinking, plotting and she believes it herded them to that location. Time and again it keeps finding holes and catching them unaware. The group is also torn between waiting for help and attempting escape.





This thing is smart, trying to trick it or distract it doesn’t work. They take plenty of losses and the deaths are gruesome. People go crazy. People start confessing secrets before they die.


The speed of this movie is good, once it gets going. The shaky cam cinematography makes sense for this movie. The practical effects are good! The creature is scary, complete with growls, snarls and roars! It’s unnerving and expect jump scares. Its also graphic and gory. Most of this seems to take place over a period of 24 hours. And the end is near rage inducing! Fun monster horror!


P.S. The only thing that really annoyed me was the tripping and falling. 



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