Macabre...ish Horror Review: Are We Not Cats



Are We Not Cats, 2016/ 1 hr 18 min


Eli (Michael Patrick Nicholson) gets fired from his waste management job, breaks up with his girl and loses his home in a 24 hour period, when his parents decide to move. And so he lives in his Dad’s old box truck and makes deliveries with it for anyone who can pay. Including people...he once gave a ride to a guy, Kyle (Michael Godere), who liked to drink antifreeze.

One night he meets a girl, Anya (Chelsea Lopez) at a party and they spend the night at his place/truck together. She has the same quirk he does, they both pull and eat their own hair.

Eli eventually gets a temp job with Anya, cutting trees. It seems all of them are just trying to survive. And it turns out Kyle and Anya are an item and Anya is ill because all she wants to eat is hair. She actually eats all of Eli’s hair one night.

Well this movie is bleak. It’s sad and the depiction of miserable human existence is tough to watch. There is some blood, gore and bezoar. But this is not scary and is labelled horror romance that just felt weird after it was all over.