Macabre...ish Horror Review: Army of Darkness



Army of Darkness, 1992/ 81 min.


After landing in the Middle Ages, Ash is captured as a slave by Lord Arthur’s men who believe he’s an agent of Duke Henry.


He’s taken to a castle and thrown into a pit and fights a deadite, Arthur’s Men return his weapons to kill it. He demands Henry and his men to be set free after he’s celebrated as a hero.


He wants to return home and is told he must find the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis to again open a portal to return. He builds himself a metal arm for his missing one. Once again he’s chased in a haunted forest and has to take refuge in a windmill where a bunch of little ashes try to kill him.

After a long night of what can only be described as the most bizarre attempted suicide ever, Ash finally finds what he seeks but instead of one book, he finds three, he must somehow determine which is the real one. After hilariously being attacked by the books, he choose the ‘right’ one. Unfortunately he messes up the incantation and when he tries to leave, the dead are resurrected as is his evil clone and they are The Army of Darkness.


Ash leads the humans against the Army of Darkness in return for sending him home.


Of the 3 this is the least horrific and silliest and is a continuation of Evil Dead 2.