Macabre...ish Horror Review: Army of the Dead



Army of the Dead, 2021/ 2 hr 28 min


Vegas turns into zombie wasteland after a military detail is arriving on one side, drunk tourists are leaving at the same time and the outcome is a fatal accident. The military cargo is breached and they are warned to “get the fuck out of there.”  they do not listen and it ends with a giant man attacking them from the container. He’s fast, strong, impossible to kill and those he kill, get back up and they all head toward the lights.

Soon the only response is to bomb the area and surround what remains with a wall of shipping containers. There are survivors who live in a quarantine area and some of them want to re-enter the area for pay. One man is given the offer of a life time, $60 million, to empty a vault in a wreckage of a casino in zombie land, but he needs a crew. And he has a great one! Oh and it’s to happen one day before the nuke is dropped on the location.

And inside the containment area, zombie horse and tigers, Siegfried and Roys...giant piles made entirely of zombies that couldn’t get out of the Sun, just waiting to rise with the next rain. Then there are others, evolved zombies, they have made this their kingdom. They think, they have a hierarchy, communicate and have emotions and if you want to enter, they need someone in trade and they have the perfect offering.

Now the group just have to get through a wasteland of buildings, vehicles and bodies, retrieve a massive amount of cash and get out without dying. By the way, the nuke time has been moved up, their escape vehicle is a clunker and team members with ulterior motives makes this more impossible to pull off.