Macabre…ish Horror Review: Army of Thieves



Army of Thieves, 2021/ 2 hrs 7 min



Sebastian, an aspiring youtuber and safe cracker has been invited to an impromptu and secret competition, to break into safes. The invitation was left in the comment section of his channel, he has no followers and only one view but someone has found him.


He arrives at the location in Berlin, to discover he is not the only one. Instead of being a scam or tragic mistake, it’s actually a real event and it’s the big leagues. And only the best are competing. It’s not just a competition though, it’s an audition.


The game was a nice break from his bland humdrum life in customer service but it won’t be bland for long, the news announces the zombie outbreak in America. Life is about to get very interesting and quickly. Sebastian is soon approached and offered a position in an international burglary ring. They have a heist soon and he’s the man for the job, there are 3 impossible safes to crack, 3 heists, in 4 days.


Sebastian meets the team, is impressed and immediately freaked out by what he’s agreed to do. And when it is time to perform, he is insufferable…this may have been a bad idea.

Oh and hot on their trail is Interpol, specifically Delacroix. Sure he should be mobilizing based on the spread of the zombie plague but the bank heist has him distracted.


The spree is not as smooth as expected but unexpected internal chaos is causing unnecessary problems and risk. The team may have to implode to fix itself.

This is a direct prequel to Army of the Dead, it is barely a horror film with few zombies, mostly in Sebastians dreams, this is more Ocean’s 11 and less Dawn of the Dead. It is set in Germany and languages are English, German, French and some Portuguese. This movie is long but not a drudge, well paced, sometimes funny and some times violent but not particularly graphic or gory. This kept my attention. Well done!