Macabre...ish Horror Review: Ash vs Evil Dead



Ash vs Evil Dead, 2014/294 min. This is the continuation of Evil Dead 2 and it’s 30 years later and Ash (Bruce Campbell) is an aging, hard drinking, skirt chasing stocker at a department store. He now uses his prior exploits and that evil book, to pick up women and he finally accidentally unleashes hell again when he and his newest conquest drunkenly read from the book. 


Now the Evil Dead, Deadites, are back and Ash is unwittingly back to fighting monsters. But this time with a coworker, Pablo and a crush that won’t fall for old Ash’s charms, Kelly, a 20 something wild child. They are searching for away to stop the Deadites while being chased by law enforcement who believe Ash is a murderer. 


With his new chainsaw arm attachment, made by Pablo, he’s back to being the anti-hero we all know and love, he and his 2 sidekicks pick up a disgraced State Trooper who’s accused of killing her partner and soon they’re all fleeing Ruby (Lucy Lawless) who has Ash’s evil hand that he cut off 30 years ago, to lead her to the book, so she can wield its power.


If you like Evil Dead 2 and Bruce Campbell, you’ll like this series. The Deadites are just as Devine as they were in the movie, ridiculous, scary and gruesome. The kills are ridiculously gory and fantastical. The effects are a definite win. It’s violent, gory, bloody, gruesome, graphic and has some adult scenes and language.


Ten, 30 minute episodes. English and Spanish audio and subtitles. 


Evil Dead fans if this series got passed you, you’ve got to see it. 



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