Macabre...ish Horror Review: ATM



Atm, 2012/ 1 hr 30 min.



On the way home from a Christmas party, David and coworkers, Emily and Corey, make a stop at the atm.



Inside the booth, Corey is having problems with his card and out in the parking lot is a hooded figure wearing a parka. They assume he’s a robber and he can’t get in without an atm card. But they are corrected in their assumption when he kills a man walking his dog.



The trio frantically search for a way to phone police but all of their phones are in the car. Out there. With the killer.


I’m not sure if this is a game for him or if he’s actively trying to get into the booth or get them out. But this movie is an hour if watching exactly that.


Innocent people die. Mistakes were made. And they inadvertently become murderers.


The end is a maddeningly impossible twist. But it was infuriatingly fun to watch! Not particularly gory or bloody, definitely more of a thriller than a gorefest.
















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