Macabre...ish Horror Review: Attack The Block



Attack The Block, 2001/ 1 hr 28 min. An English Sci-fi fantasy horror.


 South London teenagers (John Boyega, Alex Esmail, Leeon Jones)



are hanging out for the evening when they see what looks like falling stars, except there are a lot of them and they’re falling locally and are, in fact, aliens. They chase one down and take it’s corpse to a local hangout, Ron’s (Nick Frost) Weed Room. And now they’re on a mission to protect the Block from these aliens.


But they don’t know, that now they’re marked and the aliens are hunting them. So they arm themselves and while on the run through the block, they’re under attack and lose a few of their mates and take up refuge in a flat the belongs to a lady they robbed earlier in the evening.



But it’s no use, the aliens break in and the teens realize that they aren’t going to stop so a plan is set. Moses (Boyega) is going to set a trap and lead them away from everyone else, using himself as bait.



This is a great movie! There’s blood and it’s somewhat graphic for a movie where kids die in the movie. It’s fast paced, really good cinematography, monster and concept plus a great ending!


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