Macabre...ish Horror Review: Audition


Audition is a 2002, Japanese horror about a Dad, Aoyama, who becomes a widower, which by the way, happens in the first 60 seconds of the movie.



Fast forward 10 years and his son tells him he should marry again. A friend of his, Yoshikawa, like him, is in the movie industry gives him the idea of having an audition, to observe potential dates and to look for hopefuls for a romantic movie that they’re casting for.



The thinking is that the women will automatically be beautiful because they’re actors and come from good families and therefore well trained and educated. So they run radio ads for the audition and the resumes pour in.



He has to choose 30 and one lady, a 24 year old Asami Yamazaki, really catches his eye. She’s not an actress but a ballet dancer, who after injuring herself, is seeking a new path. 

The audition/dating interview is a long, sometimes embarrassing, sometimes funny process as the hopefuls are questioned and show their skills. The movie is good but it takes a while to get really good and by that I mean, disturbing as hell.

Up until then, the movie is almost wholesome, good father/son relationship, even a dog, named Gang. So a little over 30 minutes into the movie, we meet Asami, and after talking to her, Aoyama is still very intrigued by her even though his friend and producer is unnerved by her and doesn’t like her. 

Later, Aoyama calls her up and makes a date. Right after that call, his friend, Yoshikawa calls and mentions that he called the Record Company from her resume and they told him that the director he was looking for has been missing for a year.



He hasn’t been able to get in contact with anyone who knows her.



Fast forward, Aoyama and Asami go on a date and seem to hit it off, exchanging numbers. And after only 2 dates, there is a plan for a weekend away where Aoyama intends to propose. During this trip he begins to notice that she’s odd. 


During their weekend excursion she leaves in the middle of the night, stops answering her phone and Aoyama searches for her. 




Following the trail or intrigue, missing and murdered men.



He finally finds her, it was in the last place he’d look, at his house. And it’s all bad. 



His drink has been spiked and in his seriously tripped out state, he sees the truth too late. She is a meticulous psychopath and she has the entire evening planned. She will calmly torture this man and relieve him of his body parts and she will do all of it while he’s alive. She also will not be using a knife but wire and it is going to be gruesome




There’s some nudity. It’s graphic, gruesome, gory, bloody, brutal, there’s so much torture. The physical effects are great and that’s what makes this so hard to watch. Dismemberment, torture, kidnapping, the work of a deeply disturbed individual. Asami is the worst. And she kills Gang! Might I suggest a palate cleanser after this movie, cartoons for instance! It does have a good ending though. This movie is not in English but has English and Spanish subtitles and is 115 minutes long.





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