Macabre...ish Horror Review: Await Further Instruction


Await Further Instructions, 2018/ 1 hr 36 min


A Christmas family gathering goes from strained and uncomfortable to terrifying when they wake up and find themselves trapped inside the house. Not locked in but captive, like someone has dropped a metal box made of rebar, over top of the house. Also the house has also been fitted with plumbing in every room. Every door and window is blocked. And the family is torn between it being some sort of military quarantine and a reality show.


And on the tv, on every channel it says..Stay indoors and await further instructions. Plus the clocks have stopped, there is no internet and no phone. And so, with nothing else to do, they sit for their Christmas meal. And it consists of mostly fighting. And just as they’re about to eat the tv changes message...All your food is contaminated, eat nothing.


The family is starting to fall apart. And the tv commands keep coming. All of which, most, obey without question. From injecting themselves with mystery syringes that fall from the fireplace to torturing each other for info. And soon people begin to die. And one family member loses most of his fingers on one hand trying to call for help through a slot in the ‘shield’.


Aside from the the obvious issue, the family is fracturing, Dad is losing his grip and that is making the situation much more dangerous. And only two of them, Anjji and Nick, seem to be thinking clearly but that seems to be putting them in more danger.


This is an English scifi thriller. Very interesting concept and good cinematography. Somewhat graphic but not very gory or bloody. Turned into quite the weird movie. The end was crazy and I enjoyed it!