Macabre…ish Horror Review: B4



B4, 2012/ 50 min


Three friends, Megan, Aaron and David, are going to a concert but before they go, Megan has been on edge and seeing things all day.


After the show they head to the parking garage to leave and discover their car is not where they parked it. And of course there is no service so David (Phillip Daniel) has to go searching for signal to call the police.


So he leaves and goes up the stairs to what should be street level, only to come out where he began, at level B4. But the others do not believe him and Aaron (Sean Durrie) goes with him and it happens again. But this time they find a man, Paul (John Stanisci), assaulting a woman and he says “I told you. I keep killing you and you keep coming back. Don’t come back.” The woman, Cheryl (Joanne Spracklen), explains that they got out of the elevator, their car was missing and he just went crazy. There’s a fight and 2 of them end up dead.


Later, Cheryl says that this is a punishment but there is a way out, first you have to want to leave. Then Megan (April Wade) finally gets out and she sees herself, the 3 of them, passing by her but no one can see her. She even goes home. But she is at home already, and the other Megan can sense her and experiences her like out of her peripheral vision. She’s like a ghost in her own life.


When Megan decides to head back to the garage, she sees a timeline where the three of them find their vehicle and leave.


Then she goes up a level and finds David dead and is attacked by Aaron who is weary and he explains that they have always been there and that she never left.


Megan runs back to the elevator again when Paul offers to kill them. He says it’s the only way to escape. Turns out he is not quite right.


This movie is like a psychological thriller. I was hoping it was going to be like P2 but no, it is very different and has a Langoliers feel to it. The scope of the story is told and recounted in flashbacks, it seems a little over the top and violent. I think it might have come across different with a different delivery. Anyway, this movie is short but it was entertaining.