Macabre…ish Horror Review: Bad Moon



Bad Moon, 1996/ 1 hr 18 min



In Nepal, on assignment, two photo journalists, Ted (Michael Paré) and girlfriend, Marjorie (Johanna Lebovitz) are attacked by a werewolf. Not just attacked, Marjorie was yanked off of Ted and ripped up, while Ted just endured a scratch. But that scratched changed his life.


Ted moves home into a life of isolation by the lake and invites his sister, Janet (Mariel Hemingway) and her son, Brett (Mason Gamble) for a barbeque. Thor follows a scent into the woods and finds human remains, shredded and hanging high in a tree, in pieces. He returns to the family and he’s intimidated by Ted.


During dinner, Ted lies to Janet, telling her that he and Marjorie broke up. Later, Janet invites him to stay with them but he insists they leave by sunset and promises to visit later.


Ted takes her up on her offer to stay when the remains are found and the authorities are overrunning his camp. He moves his trailer to Janet’s property and Thor keeps watch. Everywhere Ted goes, Thor lurks and follows. One day he follows his scent to a tree with a werewolf cuffed to it.


On the news there is a report about a curfew and five dead hikers, the authorities think the culprit is a grizzly bear. Right in the area where Ted was camped. Meanwhile, Thor keeps an eye on him. And one day, Thor catches the wolf loose instead of cuffed to a tree and Thor fight’s him to keep him away from the house.


Janet goes to the trailer looking for her brother and instead find grisly photos and his journal, there she learns the truth. And after a man is mauled to death and Ted antagonizes Thor, resulting in an attack, Thor is surrendered to animal rescue. Brett and Thor are devastated, it’s a heartbreaking departure.


But it’s not over, Brett plans to save his dog from euthanasia and Thor will try to save the family.



This Canadian horror flick is short and sweet. It is very gory and violent. The CG isn’t great but the physical effects and wound make up are really good. The dog is almost central to the story and is excellent! Good werewolf moments (not transformation) and kills, good fight scenes. Good movie with a good ending!