Macabre...ish Horror Review: Better Watch Out



Better Watch Out, 2016/ 89 min.



Seventeen year old Ashley babysits 12 year old Luke, who has a crush and attempts to woo her, hard. But is interrupted by Garrett, Luke’s friend, creepy prank calls, a pizza no one ordered, knocks on the door and finally a menacing note thrown through a window. U Leave U Die. When Luke’s friend runs out the back door and killed, they know it’s no prank.



Doors are opening, the wifi network is offline and someone’s flattened her tires. As Ashley and Luke run through the house to hide.



And soon goes completely off the rails when Ashley’s boyfriend arrives and the movie devolves into a ‘real life’ Home Alone moments and people really die.



Ashley is stabbed in the tied up, forced to do things she doesn’t want and is stabbed. Then her ex boyfriend arrives to deliver an apology letter and is dragged into this nightmare.


What if Home Alone were more dangerous, involved killing kids and wasn’t so family friendly? What if Kevin was the bad guy?


This movie was good and very unexpected! It’s visually very wholesome but is super not. Kind of adult and sexually aggressive moments but not very graphic or gory. Adult scenes and language.


Don’t miss this one.